Behind every great success is someone or something pushing them to keep going. French art dealer, Ambroise Vollard was that person to some of greatest painters who ever lived - Picasso, Renoir, Cezzane. Taking risks and backing young, talented artists, Vollard helped develop a new generation of French artists. He was the dealer, support and champion for these great artists but never sought the limelight himself.

Ambroise Vollard

Vollard is our inspiration

Vollard by Picasso

We want to adopt the Vollardian way to how we conduct business. We want to not just be a solutions agency, but we want to support and champion our clients where and whenever we can.

Partnering with some of the world's most exciting businesses and start-ups to help bring their products to life. Helping talented businesses owners gain traction and being partnered towards future success.

Meet our team

Bo Jones

Co-Founder and Director

For over 10 years, Bo focused on developing healthy, sustainable and mutually beneficial commercial partnerships.

Bo has extensive knowledge across the media, motors and sports sectors having worked for NewsCorp and IMG in London. More recently Bo was the National Sales Manager for Gumtree leading the Cars and Jobs categories and growing Gumtree’s market presence

Arani Satgunaseelan

Co-Founder and Director

Starting in investment banking at Macquarie, Arani went on to work at eBay Australia, leading the Growth and Operations team for eBay sellers.

At eBay, Arani focused on building successful sales teams with efficient processes, reporting and training. Her solutions and models have been adopted globally by eBay.

Siobhan McTiernan

Director, Education (Country Lead for BrainPOP)

An experienced marketer with a passion for helping brands cut through the digital noise and focus on what matters to them. With a background in Performance Marketing, Digital and Acquisition strategies, Siobhan previously managed the lighthouse8 Sydney office working with leading brands such as Blackmores, Atira Student Living and eWAY.

Prior to this, Siobhan worked extensively in the Education sector managing marketing for Casio Education across Australia and New Zealand and also oversaw student recruitment for the Australian Catholic University

Johnny Timbs

Director, Strategy & Partnerships

Johnny has worked across multiple industries for the last 18 years, including Hospitality, Fashion Retail, Technology, Logistics, Travel, Education and Tourism. His diverse experience from running cafes and restaurants to building marketplaces has helped him form a solid understanding of all aspects of business.

Johnny’s current project is EdTripper. Ed Tripper is an application and booking platform for Museums, Galleries, Zoos, Aquariums, Parks and most importantly schools.

EdTripper partners with attractions to digitise their collections, experiences, and activities into customised ‘tours’ for students’ excursions. These tours are curated and developed by education professionals to correspond with the curriculum and specific learning outcomes for students of all ages


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