Vollardian's top 5 tips for effective phone sales

Written by Arani Satgunaseelan

The following are some simple tips to make sure you’re ready to make the best of every call. Developed by our very own Sales Grandmaster, Bo Jones, these are some really simple tips that will get you in the right frame of mind. Remember calling to sell something is scary, but the following will help you build your confidence.

#1 Hi, How Are You?

Something as simple as “hi, how are you?” then pausing to hear the answer. Practice this with everyone you meet - your coffee guy, receptionists right through to CEOs. Be interested. Relax and listen to who you’re talking to. Listening is the most important part of sales. Try to avoid thinking of your next question before listening to the actual person’s response.

#2 Asking for Help

People are automatically wired to want to help people. Something as simple as “I was wondering if you can help me?” is a really great way to build rapport.

#3 60 seconds Gatekeeper Challenge

When speaking to a Gatekeeper (ie. an EA or receptionist), try to talk to the them on the phone for 60 seconds without saying who you are or why you’re calling. Find something to chat about to build instant rapport. Their name, the weather, their accent, etc. just build rapport. They will be invaluable champions of your sales process in the future.

#4 Provide Options

Rather than leaving your potential customer with an open ended question to respond to, instead give them options. Ie. “does Thurs 2pm or Mon 3pm work?” rather than “what day works for you?”. Giving people clear options, forces a decision.

#5 Love Your Product

It’s easier to sell something that you genuinely feel passionate about. Find those top 3 things you connect you to your product or service and talk to them. The honestly that comes when you speak the truth is one of the most powerful tools you can have.

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